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a capite bona valetudo


It is a modern form of psychological support, counseling and therapeutic work, which upgrades the classic contact of the therapist and client with the possibilities opened up by modern technologies.


Personal contact in the therapeutic process is of great importance. However, it does happen that personal contact is not possible for any reason or another. Often there is an obstacle to the physical distance - perhaps due to the residence in a more distant place, business trips or difficult mobility. Perhaps some of the topics that employ you are so intimate that you can talk about them more easily over the phone than in live ...

In such and similar cases, we can choose to work through modern media, such as telephone, Skype, e-mail. These methods also enable the establishment and maintenance of a therapeutic relationship, the promotion of personal growth and the establishment of therapeutic changes.

Telephone counseling is an approach that is increasingly gaining ground in the context of a modern dynamic lifestyle in a multifaceted, globalized society. Today, this is a professionally recognized and widely used aid and psychological support in the world.

In the main moves, telephone counseling does not differ substantially from its classical psychological counseling or therapeutic process in its course and effects. In conversations, we maintain the structure and identical procedures, as they are also used for live work.

An important added value in telephone counseling is the greater flexibility it allows. You will not have to waste time with the way, we will be more convenient to match your time options. The therapy will come in the comfort of your home, hotel room or yacht ...

Source: Tjaša Kos


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